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Окунись в Лето по полной! (2016)

Заниматься языком летом ИНТЕРЕСНО и ВЫГОДНО!

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Сибирские подростки могут выиграть бесплатные каникулы в Чехии!

Сибирские подростки могут выиграть бесплатные каникулы в Чехии!

Присоединяйтесь к конкурсу от "Заграницы без границ"

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Жюри наших конкурсов – представители известных лингвистических школ – дали несколько отзывов и советов участникам конкурсов и тем, кто планирует ими стать. Надеемся, они помогут Вам одержать победу!   

Global Village Toronto would like to thank all of the participants who entered the Discover Canada essay competition from M&S Consulting Education International. All of the essays were of very high quality and inspiring. We are so proud to hear of the things you enjoyed learning about Canadian culture and are so happy to build the connection with your great countries in this way. I would like to offer a few words of advice to those of you who would like to consider how to improve your essay writing technique and perhaps in the hopes of winning the competition yourself next year!
1. Examine the question very carefully – it is always so unfortunate to read a fantastic essay about the wrong topic!
2. Double check your research – make sure the facts you use for your essay are correct. Be careful of information you find just on one website.
3. Use your own words – in Canadian schools, if you copy any sentence from a book or the internet without “quotation marks” and reference, your essay will get 0 points automatically.
4. Narrow your focus with a single, unique idea – don’t try to write about the whole topic. This is too difficult and too general! Instead, invent a creative theme for your essay and focus on one interesting part all the way through your essay. For example, if you have to do an essay about Romantic Music for your Art History class:
a. difficult and boring topic – Romantic Composers
b. difficult topic – Russian Romantic Composers
c. easier, more focused topic – The Romantic Music of Rachmaninoff
d. interesting topic – The Colour of Rachmaninoff’s Romance
5. Practice making sentences with the same meaning using different words. You can do this by changing part of speech (advice-advise-advisable) or switching the order of words in the sentence. Now check the grammar!
6. Put passion, enjoyment and your personality in your writing.
Good luck!
Chris Pink, Global Village Toronto


The overall quality of the essays submitted for the contest (on the topic of ‘Globalization today and the advantages of studying in Canada’) is quite high. What separates the winning essay (indeed, perhaps the upper quarter of submitted essays) from the majority are three elements:
(1) a consistent treatment of the topic throughout;
(2) a more than superficial level of depth in dealing with the topic; and
(3) a high degree of linguistic accuracy.
I recommend that writers bear in mind the aforementioned three points. Further to the first point, personal impressions and comparisons to one’s own country are permissible in an essay of this type; however, lengthy digressions into hearsay and bold, unsupportable claims are to be avoided. As per the second point, a modest degree of research is warranted, given the scale of the topic, so as to create a fuller sense of perspective on the two main elements which comprise said topic. As for the third point, a scrupulous eye for errors of a seemingly careless nature is of the utmost importance. While minor errors that do not affect communication of the message are to be expected, an accumulation of such errors (specifically those involving articles, prepositions, modals, and such) cannot but distract the reader and colour his/her appreciation for the scholarship involved.
Alexia Galanopoulos, ILAC


It has been a pleasure reading all your essays and above all to know that Canada is so well known all over the world. You have all done a great job. It is amazing to read all that research that you did about our country and a lot of you have done incredibly well. I was impressed by the many similarities that you have found between Russia and Canada and that cannot be but good!
A couple of advices. Very often when you write an essay the originality of it is extremely important. I would suggest exploring, researching and reading but at the end your own words need to come out in the text. Your own impressions and your own way of telling what you have learned and know.
I encourage you to keep reading about countries and cultures and Canada in particular. It is a big country with a lot to offer and I am sure that many of you will realize that. Please be part of these essay contests and learn more.
I also look forward to meeting you in person when you visit us!
Elvis Mrizi, Director of Junior and Family Programs IH Toronto

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