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Окунись в Лето по полной! (2016)

Заниматься языком летом ИНТЕРЕСНО и ВЫГОДНО!

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Сибирские подростки могут выиграть бесплатные каникулы в Чехии!

Сибирские подростки могут выиграть бесплатные каникулы в Чехии!

Присоединяйтесь к конкурсу от "Заграницы без границ"

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Тест по английскому языку

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- This is a photo of my friends.
- Where

It isn’t your book. It’s

- What do you do?
a teacher.

Andrew is

I’m sorry I

swimming every week?

ten pubs in my town.

at a concert last night.

my bag and home.

last Saturday evening?

Mark and Dave
but they

buy me some stamps, please?

Can you see Jack? He
near the door.

on holiday in May.

No, I don’t want

We haven’t got much money. We
buy a new car.

The city is
than the country.

Jim is
student in our class.

to Egypt.

you finished your homework yet?
- Yes, I
just finished it.

Look! The painting is
the door.

a shower when the lights

The meeting is
8th August 6 o’clock.

"It’s Tony’s birthday next week."
– "Is it? I didn’t know. I
h im a card."

John is
football player at school. I play much

After the meal everybody went

When I
5 million dollars, I give up my job and travel around the world.

bring an alarm clock. There is one in every hotel room.

When I was a child I a lot of sweets.
a lot of sweets.

English all over the world.
all over the world.

I have never been to Australia.

By the time he appeared in the office I all the work!
all the work!

"I’m a student." He told me that
a student.

Lorna will make herself ill
she gets more rest.

He was really
when he got home but thought it was to go to bed so early.

for more than a hundred years.

You should always
your computer when you have finished work.

you do if you a famous person?

"Please, be quiet." He told me

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you.
many young people start every year.

to my advice.I was right all the time. Личные сведения *Фамилия *Имя *Телефон *Город проживания Адрес *E-mail