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Окунись в Лето по полной! (2016)

Заниматься языком летом ИНТЕРЕСНО и ВЫГОДНО!

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Сибирские подростки могут выиграть бесплатные каникулы в Чехии!

Сибирские подростки могут выиграть бесплатные каникулы в Чехии!

Присоединяйтесь к конкурсу от "Заграницы без границ"

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Поездка в Канаду 2012

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2014 | 2012 2011


Global Village Students

It was a fantastic July in Toronto, Canada. My homestay was very fun, sporty and kind. My school Global Village was big and comfortable. I have met a lot new people from different countries. My classmates were fun but they were older than 20. I think it was good because I could practice more and more. Toronto is a very interesting city with a lot of entertainments, fro example Edge Walk (a walk outside the top of CN Tower). I did it and it was fantastic and difficult.  GV organized for us any activities and most of them were fun because we saw new places and met new people. It was my best trip and I never forget it. I liked everything and I miss a lot. Canada I love you so much!
It was a fantastic trip. I liked all the activities. I will always remember our trip to French Canada. We have seen a lot of beautiful and old towns. I will never forget canoeing activity. I had so much fun! 
My school was very nice. I like my favorite class and teacher. I miss them and I hope to meet them again one day. On the last Friday we had a boat party. It was cool. We had been dancing for 5 hours and we were not tired!
 Canada is a beautiful country. Citizens are very kind, helpful and friendly. Their culture differs from Russian, so it is an invaluable experience to live in a homestay. I found out a lot about Canadian traditions and I was experiencing Canadian lifestyle firsthand. We studied at Global Village school. I went to school with pleasure because there I could meet my friends. My class was the best and we had the best teacher!
Every day I left the house at 8 am and came home at 9 pm because we had a lot of activities after school. It is impossible to get bored in Toronto! We visited CN Tower, ROM, AGO, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec. The most interesting was the Boat Party and the concert of Enrique Eglesias and J Lo! It was unforgettable! 
I fell in love with Canada and I’m sure I will come back!
I visited 4 cities in Canada but I think Toronto is the best. Lake Ontario is a good place for tourists and the Boat Cruise party was just amazing!  Actually all the activities organized by GV were great. Staying in a family helped me to explore the life of local Canadian people. Good weather, friendly people and clean air – all these make Toronto a good place to visit.
International House students
Now after my study in Canada Sol Camps is a very important place for me. I met very good people and got new friends. The teachers were highly professional and friendly. Classes were very interesting and various. The stuff were very friendly and always ready to do something interesting. I will miss Sol Camps very much! I want to go to this camp next year!!!
I like Sol Camps very much especially ACs and RC. Rooms were very good. I wish I could go there next year.
 I like everything in Sol Camps: Acs, rooms, food and teachers. Now I have a lot of friends in different countries and I’ll remember them forever. The excursions were very interesting and I had a lot of fun.

 1000 Islands Cruise 


5 hours dancing on the boat cruise

Beavers cupcakes 


Close to Queen


Dinosaurs and students in Royal Ontario Museum


Du Soleil performance - a gift to Quebec city

Floor hockey in Humber College


Ghosts of Niagara Falls

Notre Dame de Montreal


In the heart of Toronto


Guided tour in old Quebec


Ontario Lake -cold but beautiful


Parliament Hill in Ottawa


School is fun


Toronto Island from CN Tower

Toronto view from the boat


2014 | 2012 2011